I called my site ‘Better Make Tracks’ because it was a phrase I used a lot to prepare my intention to depart company, avoiding the long goodbyes that could extend another ten, twenty minutes or more? Of course, this mainly applied to my mother but I found it to be useful in other situations too and it seemed a polite way to excuse myself.

I guess I could have said, ‘I have to leave or I better go’, but I felt, ‘better make tracks’, was my signature que to exit, like … ‘qué será será’ … what will be, will be.’ It allowed me a sense of control of how long I would engage in conversation, whether over the phone, in person or in writing and the expectation to say more was no longer there.

To date, my blogs are short and sweet.

Tomorrow, they maybe something different all together.

No expectations, right?

I’m just getting started!


better make tracks,

la brolly


why la brolly?

because you can never be sure of the weather!


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